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Innovative Design – One of the main goals of our new KAKTOS line is to make modern design accessible and fit in all areas. The culmination of this effort (in collaboration with Varagi SA) is the award of the Tetra stool to the Red Dot Design Award. The most important design contest internationally.

Quality – All products in the line are made of high quality materials and with the most modern production methods.

Ergonomics and Functionality – All items are comfortable, durable and, perhaps the most important for us, you are happy to use them. Since 1974, our Business Group has been marking a steady and ever-ascendant course. Driven both by business innovation and by our people’s beliefs. Since then, we have evolved into a large, modern and internationally-oriented enterprise.

Years of experience have provided us with high technical expertise and excellent market knowledge. Our integrated structure allows us to invest in R & D activities for new products, new production techniques and environmentally friendly materials .

The strategy we follow faithfully is based on the three-dimensional: Quality, Innovation, Development. In this context, we decided to invest in a new range of furniture, for indoor and outdoor activities. The final set, although varied, shares some common features that give it homogeneity and make it stand out! So we welcome you to our new line of products, a series that we are proud of.

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