Boats and Floating Systems

Βάρκες - Πλωτά Μέσα πώληση

Boats exclusively from 100% HDPE (100% high density Polyethylene). Therefore, they are appropriate for professional heavy use, suitable for marinas and commercial transport in ports.

In the last 20 years, our company has constructed over 100 professional boats in various dimensions.


  • Unbreakable-unsinkable
  • Easiness in repairs
  • Maintenance free
  • Custom made – 70% hand made according to the needs and the specifications of clients
  • Small width

Boats are accompanied by certificate CE and ISO TUV AUSTRIA

Dimensions (Length X Width)

Produced in the following dimensions:

  1. 4,60m Χ 2,00m
  2. 4,60m Χ 2,40m
  3. 5,50m Χ 2,45m
  4. 7.50m X 3,10m
  5. 9.50m Χ 3,96m

Company profile

Our company, since 2000, has a fully equipped machine shop for construction of the following Boats and Floating Systems:

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