Lighted Pots

Έπιπλα κήπου - Έπιπλα εξωτερικού και εσωτερικού χώρου
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Product ID 40*40 50*50 470
Top Dimension (cm) 40×40 52×52 70×35
Base Dimension (cm) 29×29 39×39 70×35
Height (cm) 70,5 87 40
πλαστικές γλάστρες με φως
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Product ID 42*34 52*62 60*34
Top Dimension (cm) 42 52 60
Base Dimension (cm) 34 34 34
Height (cm) 31 62 91


Product ID Φ70 Φ95
Top Dimension (cm) 71 95
Base Dimension (cm) 42 57
Height (cm) 106 105

– The illuminated pots of this series are the last word of modern interior and exterior decoration. With a wide variety of clean and tough lines their design represents modern trends and timelessness.

– Their high standards and design make them high-quality, ideal for decorating your interior and exterior spaces.

– All pots have drainage pipe to avoid watering and double walls to better diffuse light. Their durability is great and makes them ideal for outdoor use in any form, since they are of exceptional durability, weather-resistant.

– Their structure makes them functional and easily adaptable to different requirements. Lightweight and unbreakable are easy to place and last for years.

– Lighting is in powder.

– It is possible to order the floodlit pots with a hidden socket for automatic watering.

The pots are produced in three basic colors: Granite, Terracotta and Antico.

But there is also the possibility to produce other colors such as White, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange and Gray.

The colors best illuminated are White and Red.

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