πλωτές εξέδρες - floating platform


Safety: Anti-slip design on top.
Dimensions: 1.00 X 1.00 X 0.50 m
Maintenance: Long service life, no maintenance or repairs required.
Durability: Made with LLDPE, with added UV stabilizer, especially for the climatic conditions of Greece.
Filling with polystyrene.
Possibility of covering with wooden floor
Sustainability: 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
Installation: Easy assembly.

Flexibility in shape and dimensions, depending on the needs of the customer and the conditions on site facilities.

Designed and manufactured for having long useful life, lasting more than 10 years.

All plastic materials used, have a life span of more than 50 years. Even in intense UV sun light radiation.

You practically need minimum tools to assembly. It is very easy to put to sea from minimum personnel.

Suitable for:

  • marinas,
  • ports,
  • hotels,
  • beaches and sea sides,
  • in marine sports,
  • shipyards and other marine industry,
  • fish and oyster farms,
  • floating houses,
  • floating infrastructure for containerized installations (e.g. pumping and generator systems),
  • palletized loads e.t.c. .


The “KAKTOS” system is a new, innovative way for building floating docks and platforms.

  • Modular – Safe – Durable
  • Stable and unsinkable

Made from materials:

  • Certified for use in the marine environment
  • Environmental friendly
  • Recyclable

Moreover, they are Easy to handle and Transport.

Made in such a way, that are Simple, Easy & Fast to Assemble.

Additionally, you only need few personnel to assembe the floating platform

And of course, all the Instructional manual and parts are included

You can arrange them to any form, size or configuration, thus they satisfy the most demanding customer’s needs

Kaktos Floating Platforms can also be equipped with various accessories, or even wooden deck.

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